The Goblet Of Fire (Harry Potter)

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Uploaded 8th Dec 2005 at 3:03 PM

Hi Guys,

Well, ... it had to be made ... so myself and Numenor got together to bring you.... The Goblet of Fire ... from the Harry Potter book by JK Rowling.

This Goblet is the one that features in the latest film and is used to select the participants in the TriWizard Challange.

You are able to "Summon Fire" (which lights the flames) and 'Extinguish Fire' to return it to it's unlit state. You can also set it to light itself automatically every evening.

The amazing thing about this object is that, when it's aflame, the light that it shines on nearby objects the room an eerie glow! This effect is courtesy of Numenor... because he's a total GENIUS! ... (I'm just a humble object maker!)...

The flames are animated and are long and slim (it's NOT the fire flames from the Maxis fireplaces or fire).

Made with Milkshape, SimPE v0.50 it has its own (unique) registered GUID - so it wont overwrite or replace anything in your game - and (although I doubt if you will want to recolour it) it is recolourable (well, the Goblet is....but not the flames).

It is compatable with ALL games.

Polygon Count: 1361 (= OK... )

It can be found in Decorative/Miscellaneaous's expensive you'll probably find it at the end of the catalogue. Available in both residential and Commercial catalogues.

Well.... we hope you like it, .... even if you're not a big lover of Harry Potter :confused:


Bob & Numenor

Recolours:This object is fully recolourable. Should you wish to create recolours please feel free to post them here at MTS2 but do NOT include the original files which contains the meshes. Please put a link back to here so that downloaders may obtain the latest (and possibly modified/updated) files.

Lots: Please do NOT include in uploaded lots. This is very much a BETA object still in development. Should you wish to include it as part of a LOT, please remove it after you have made your screenshots and include a LINK back to this thread for people to be able to download the latest version to add to your downloaded lot. They will then be in possession of the lates files and be aware of any known issues

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