Party Pinata (functional)

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2006 at 7:32 AM
Updated: 4th Dec 2008 at 1:26 PM by -Maylin-
Update: It seems that this item needs at least one of NL or OFB, as well as University. Which one does not, so far, seem to be important. You just need to have at least one of them. Sorry to the University folks! (And particular thanks to FreetobeJulie for her help in testing this).


I originally started this for the MTS2 Birthday celebrations... Then got distracted. Several times. So finally, over a month later...

Sims looking for something to bash up (or maybe just candy,) will love this pinata. They will bash at it with a plank of wood until it breaks, resulting in a delicious pile of candy which everyone can share in. You'll also get plenty of cheering while you try to smash it! The default mesh has the bright colour. The pale version is in the recolour zip.

Very special thanks go to Numenor, who was extremely helpful in colour enabling this item properly, as well as showing me how to colour enable multi-state items myself in the future.

The pinata can be found in General > Party. It has 1048 polys (on the high side, so don't fill your lot with them!).

I have not been able to test these on a machine without NL or OFB installed, but I believe that it should be compatible. If you can confirm this, please do. University is required. The object uses the pillow fight animations that came with this game. No, I will not make a base game version - there's just no animation that comes close. I looked.

You must have both packages in in your downloads directory for the object to work.

Bug reports are, as always, welcome.

Enjoy everyone!