Phantasy Star Online - Red HUnewearl Clothing (Corset, Skirt, Heels & Choker)

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2006 at 5:03 AM
Updated: 5th Aug 2006 at 5:37 AM
Here is what was one of my first full re-texture, re-alpha etc pieces of clothing. This one took quite awhile to make. @[email protected];
What you see here is the result of rotating, resizing and editing original Phantasy Star Online textures to fit to TheSims2, then obsessively toying with an alpha.
This isn't PERFECT, but I'm very happy with it nonetheless. The only major flaw is that the collar of the outfit looks a little strange on darker skintones as there's a little bit of light around the edge that I couldn't shave off. There are a few other small things, but nothing major from what I can tell.
The texture used I copyright completely to Phantasy Star Online and Sega, with special thanks to my awesome friend Dogster080 for providing me with the P.S.O. textures.

You'll need Marvine's Alpha Skirt and Heels mesh for the dress, and a lace choker mesh from PeggySims2 for the silver collar. I included a bonus underwear/corset file, which is a maxis recolor.
The undies and the outfit are named and packaged obviously, so you can get either or both if you like.
Please thank and rate; if you make a Sim using these clothes, please link back here!
The model in the screenshots is a version of my PSO character, Piotess. If you play the game, I'm probably wandering around Arcadia or Firefox somewhere. =3
Thanks, Happy Simming!