"Is Chair a Booth" / "Is Sofa a Sectional" global patches (updated for AL)

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2006 at 3:35 PM
Updated: 12th Jan 2009 at 6:54 PM
These two patches enable the game to recognise cloned booth chairs and sectional sofas as such, provided you have not changed the Proxy GUID values in the OBJD resource (you should never have reason to change these values anyway)

Both are compatible with all games to Apartment Life inclusive, but of course you need an EP that knows about sectionals in order to use a cloned sectional in the first place!

Place the packages in your Downloads folder, as normal.

hacked global BHAV 0x0433 "EP2 - Is Chair a Booth?"

hacked global BHAV 0x0478 "EP2 - Is Chair a Sectional Sofa?"

If you are cloning a booth or sectional sofa to share, point your users to this thread to download the patch. It's best not to include it with your object, in case the patch needs updating. Having several versions of it could cause problems.