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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2005 at 12:08 PM
Built in the 18th Century, this cottage was "renovated" in 1950 to add a lean-to bathroom and some fitted kitchen units. After being occupied by squatters, it has been left empty for a couple of years waiting for a buyer.

Although only costing £27,666 to buy, your buyers will also need some spare cash to do the place up. The first priority is to get rid of the trash compactor that was left in the garden because my test family mother was so upset by the state of the place she stood in front of it and died a day later still holding her empty TV dinner tray and stamping her feet. Actually she didn't know it was still in working order or she could have had it moved to under one of her units and used it there.

Credit to MikeInside whose tutorials helped me fit the stairs in and build the lean-to