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British Architecture - brick window lintels

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Uploaded: 22nd Dec 2006 at 11:34 PM
Updated: 2nd Jan 2008 at 2:53 PM
2nd January 2007 updated ijFaceDoor4Panel_Mesh.zip so that the inside of the door furniture takes the indoor lighting tone.

26th December 2006 updated ijFaceSash_Meshes.zip to alter a bit of code connected to Atavera's window opening hack that was causing errors for some people.

Updated 24th December 2006 to add omitted privacy arch to ijArchBrich_meshes.zip and fix a conflicting GUID in the standalone diagonal arch

NB I have flagged this as needing Pets because I have Pets and did not test this with other game configurations. However, looking at the code these might well work with any EP other than pure base game, so if anyone feels like testing and letting us know, I can change the compatibility flags!

This set of objects is to enable you to build with inset doors and windows, British Victorian style. The windows and doors are set back from the face of the wall, and you use the brick arches to disguise the wall cutout. The arch sides are specially UVmapped to take normal wall textures as exported by Homecrafter, and line them up with the rest of the wall.

There is a tall sash window for living rooms. There is also a two-tile window in this length. There is a window that starts above kitchen counter height. Then there is the little privacy window for the toilet. Each have a brick arch to fit. The doorway has a doorstep and threshold.

Only the tall single-tile window has a diagonal. I didn't make them for the others as the architecture they are intended for would not use diagonals as a rule other than to make a bay window. To match this, the long window arch also has a diagonal. Additionally I have made a standalone buyable diagonal (with a separate GUID) There is an advantage and disadvantage to each: The normal one does not receive light and shade properly (because the game thinks it is indoors). The standalone is moved over by one square and does not go down with the walls. It's up to you.

Recolouring the arch: A recolour made for the long window arch (ijArchBrick_Long) will provide a recolour for all arches. You must keep the long arch in your Downloads folder in order to use any of these. The sides are recolourable separately from the arch and sill, and can be recoloured simply by importing a wall texture as extracted by homecrafter.

Recolouring the windows: A recolour made for the long window (ijFaceSash_Long) will provide a recolour for all this style of window. You must keep the long window in your Downloads folder in order to use any of these. I have mapped the door and window so that it's easy to make the inner and outer surfaces a different colour, like we tend to here, and you can see that in some of the screenshots.

Recolouring the door: The door has two recolourable subsets. The timber door and frame, panels and relic doorbell are recoloured together, while the door furniture and stained glass are on another set.

Once in your game, the windows and door can be found with the other windows and doors, while the arches (originally made from curtains) can be found in Decorative/Misc as well as in the collection I made specially

I shall probably make other styles of arch and window at some time, but in the meantime if anyone else wants to use these as a base for something then please go right ahead.

Tools used: SimPE UVmapper Pro
Paintshop Pro
And thank you to members of MTS2 who helped me with problems, and my small team of testers.

Meshes for all the decorative arches, using the basic red brick texture
Each object 142 facets, 216 vertices

Meshes for all the windows using the green outside, white inside texture
Each object 232 facets, 408 vertices

Mesh for the door, using the green outside, white inside texture
1340 facets, 1489 vertices. As a 2-tile object this is still within the 800 polys per tile target.

Recolours for the arches.

Recolours for the windows

Recolours for the door, including some that replace the top panels with clear glass.

Collection file that contains all the above objects. It may be kept in your Downloads folder with the objects if you wish

There are recolouring templates in the next post (or next-but-one if you have Thanks posts turned on.