Female Teen Outerwear : Rain- and trenchcoats Recolors

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2007 at 8:16 PM
Hi all

With the Seasons expansion, we gained a new clothing catagory - the outerwear! Very lovely, but... There weren't any waterproof clothes for teens!
The wonderful Tiggerypum converted 2 adult meshes (one base game mesh, one from Seasons) to teen. And I made some recolors for those new meshes

The Raincoats
Mesh can be found here.
I made 4 recolors for the raincoat, I think those are cute! I first didn't like them (I really wouldn't go upon the street with something like that.. XD), but after a better look I thought: "Man, why can my Sims wear anything and still look that good.."
I used the textures of something I believe was an extra downloadable raincoat which you had to unlock with a special code or whatever. I changed the textures a bit, and gave it some brand new colors.

It comes in orange with green dots and boots, white with black dots and boots, blue with reddish dots and boots and in pink with lilac dots and boots.

The Trenchcoats
Mesh can be found here.
I made two recolors for the trenchcoat, which are much more chique and classy than the raincoat.
The first one is ecru beige like, with an orange brown belt and beige boots.
The second one is more leather-like, or PVC, that's up to your imaginary.
It comes in brown, with darker brown gloves and beige tights.

Don't forget to grab the meshes!
All recolors are marked as Outerwear only, and therefor you require Seasons to let them show up!!

I hope you like them, have fun in the rain

Xx Nihilia

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Tiggerypum for converting these 2 great meshes!