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-Insane Swimsuits- Women's Swimsuits Default Replacements

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2007 at 3:52 AM
Updated: 10th Sep 2008 at 12:38 AM
Dear lord there are a lot of women's swimsuits. The title 'Insane' is referring to my own state of mind at the completion of this project; the swimsuits themselves are actually quite tame. These are the last swimsuit default replacements I will ever have to do (I did a Men's Set and a Children's Set already)! HURRAY I"M DONE!

Each different style/cut of swimsuit is in its own little package, so you don't have to replace all the swimsuits, just the ones you don't like. I wasn't originally going to do all of them, but then I overheard/read some people commenting on how they avoided some of them like the plague, so I did them all. Sorry that the pictures are kinda tiny, you try cramming 38 swimsuits into 8 pictures. That means I'll just have to give a detailed description of what is different, for those who have trouble seeing.

These are DEFAULT REPLACEMENTS, meaning, when you place them in your downloads folder, they will act as Maxis clothing, completely replacing their counterparts. This includes sims currently wearing them. If you want to remove mine and return to the maxis versions, just delete my package from your downloads folder. Btw, if you want your clothing catalog images to reflect these changes, delete your thumbnails folder: C:\Documents and Settings\(yourname)\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Thumbnails. The game will generate new ones. If you want not default versions, check out this thread of mine.

Double Clasp Suits: These were the ones that looked like a one-piece from the front and a two-piece from the back. They were the ones that prompted me to do the women's suits in the first place. I HATED THEM. They received a standard one-piece cut, with a circle cutout in the back. Black edging lines were added and the colors changed and a spiffy gradient was also added. These guys took forever, lots of headaches, they aren't 'perfect' but I NEVER WANT TO REVISIT THEM EVER. Hope you like them, I at least think they are better than the originals, and at this point (insane, remember?) thats good enough for me.

Flower Suits: Not much of a change, just added a touch of a different color through the suit, much more hip and fresh and ready for BV.

String Bikinis (Pictured below in thumbnails): Hated the colors, cut was interesting. The brown became black, and the burgundy became red.

Suits: These were just ugly colors. I gave them new colors and then still thought they were a little lackluster, so they got white edging added to them.

Wave Tankinis: These I liked just the way they were, but for those who didn't like the original tankini cut, I shorten them to be bikinis instead.

If that isn't enough then, I've got ONE MORE SURPRISE for you.
YA suits! I didn't change them at all, but the included a package will add these YA suits (assuming you have Uni) into your Adult Women's Swimwear bin. Remember, that package DOES NOT go into your downloads folder!

Place them directly, or make a subfolder, in the following location and put the files there instead of in your Downloads folder. C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Bon Voyage\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins (or whichever is your highest expansion pack folder).


P.S. I love reading comments, leave me a couple?

Additional Credits:
To everyone who helped me figure out what was going screwy with one of my packages over in a help thread, still never was able to include the bumpmap, but it doesn't look too bad with the original. Thanks again guys!

And to Sephira, my teen model, she was able to find some time in her busy schedule to help me model. Thank you!