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Nyx Delirium - Singer/Dancer/Musician

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Uploaded: 27th Dec 2007 at 7:10 AM
Updated: 19th Apr 2008 at 8:10 PM
Nyx was my winning entry in the Miss Teen Galaxy contest at S2C. I had oodles of requests for her so now that the contest is finished, here you go! Enjoy

Age: 17

Location: Experimental Planet Delta 113, Alpha Centauri System (feel free to relocate her ^_^)

Background: Nyx is a Ven'taar, the only child of two esteemed natural scientists working as part of a larger research team colonizing an experimental formed planet in the Alpha Centauri System. Her race is noted for their great curiosity and aptitude for science. Nyx, however, does not share any of their scientific genius and instead devotes her significant energies to pleasure-seeking of all kinds. Like most Ven'taar, she's fascinated with other cultures, human in particular. Somewhat unusual but not unheard of among her kind, the arts are her chosen domain. She's a master of dance and is currently studying operatic vocal performance in the human style.

Aspiration: Pleasure

Astrological Sign: Taurus (scoot a few points around to emphasize outgoing, active, playful)

music, music, and music - singing, dancing, playing instruments so have at least a piano and preferably a bass/guitar/drum set; bowling (she's kinda bad at it but she loves to play); ice skating and hot chocolate; sneaking out with her friends

Note: Nyx comes packaged in a Maxis outfit and hair. If you want her to appear as in the screenshots, you'll need the items listed under Pictured - Not Included below.

She looks pretty darn good in almost anything you want to put on her, though. Check out some examples from MTG here, here, here, here, and here

Pictured - Not Included
- sims4rent nail mesh and blue polish recolor by shadylady - Requires mesh linked below!
- Saitou's recolor of XM hair 85 - Requires mesh linked below!

Custom Content by Me:
- Nyx Delirium

Custom Content Included:
- Thin Natural Brows - black - alkaloid by alkaloid
- Glass Eyes - Kaleidoscope - Bruno@MTS2 by bruno
- Star Tatoo www.SimsOverdrive.com by Vxen
- #1 - Promesse - Bruno@MTS2 by bruno
- Eyelights - Panorama - Bruno@MTS2 by bruno
- Mint & Menthol - Bruno@MTS2 by bruno
- alien skintone by Anva

Additional Credits:
Anonymous, for hosting the incredible Miss Teen Galaxy contest which caused my distorted little brain to hiccup Nyx :D
Everyone at S2C who commented on/requested Nyx.
All the CC creators whose generosity allows me to make pretty sims.
Anva for this gorgeous, incredible skin that inspired me.