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Cavanaugh House - Modern Elegance

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Uploaded: 19th Apr 2008 at 6:06 AM
Updated: 19th Apr 2008 at 5:07 PM
I rarely build modern homes but I saw the plans for this and couldn't resist. There were so many interesting design elements that I hoped would translate to the Sims. Happily, most of them did. The result is Cavanaugh House, an unfurnished, absolutely CC-free home with desert or beach appropriate landscaping and a sparkling pool.

*Unfurnished* in move-in condition (i.e. has lights, bathroom fixtures, kitchen counters, phone, smoke and burglar alarms, etc.)
Lot Size: 3x5
Price: §73076
Bedrooms: 3+
Bathrooms: 4
Playtested: clone of this lot played for several sim-days with no issues
Garage and driveway (room for 2 cars)
Very flexible layout
Loads of extra space above the garage for a workshop, home business, etc.
Note: the overview of the second floor shows no floor above the garage, there IS a floor there, I just had brain freeze and took the screenshot before adding it *headdesk*

I do have all expansion packs and stuff packs excepting Kitchen and Bath Stuff so I advise installing with Clean Installer.

For examples of how to decorate, check out the Favorite Rooms Thread at S2C where I've posted how I've decorated it in my own game (plus tons of other beautiful homes!)


Additional Credits:
Everyone here at MTS2 for the wonderful tutorials without which I'd still be building boxes.