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Ambiorix Fel - Introverted Pickpocket

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2008 at 12:07 AM

Name: Ambiorix Fel

Age: 108 (her race ages slow, life expectancy is around 230 for males and 290 for females)

Aspiration: Fortune

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius (I shifted 2 of the outgoing points into neat and 1 to active in my game)

Info: Ambi had an interesting childhood. Her parents were both in the Lyxxian Marine Corps and she was left with a succession of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and family friends as they were deployed. She saw her parents for a week or so every six months. Her education and upbringing was therefore... eclectic.

As a "teenager", Ambi decided she was sick of being foisted off on whomever was unlucky that time and ran away. She worked odd jobs but quickly found that she could make a much more lucrative living picking pockets. In a quirk of fate, she attempted to relieve an off-duty marine of his valuables. It, of course, turned out to be her father. A warrant was issued for her arrest. In desperation, Ambi stowed away aboard a science vessel scheduled to travel to Earth for fertility experiments.

Back up to her old tricks, Ambi is desperately trying to break into Sim City's underworld and work her way to the top. She loves crime dramas and mob movies. She is inspired in part by old newspaper stories describing the exploits of the Ciano and La Croix crime families (shameless plug for SSChan and Derange: read Omerta and visit Mazuma Moonshine) Ambi loves the color pink and her lonely childhood left her introverted and shy. She prefers being alone watching CSI with a bowl of ice cream to partying.

Notes: Make sure you grab the meshes linked below and thank the creators It's their fab stuff that makes my sims look hawt. Wall in pic by Maxis, graffiti overlay by pixelhate.

Custom Content by Me:
- Ambiorix Fel

Custom Content Included:
- helaene - tweezed brows - black by Helaene
- Rensim - Confutatis - Alien Black by Rensim
- Rensim - Zine Liner - Black by Rensim
- Layerable Mouth Corner ~(D.Eclipse) by Lunar Eclipse
- by Pickpock by Pickpock
- matte powder for the jade skin by alkaloid
- Rensim - Melora ES - Rust Warrior by Rensim
- Lotsa Lip -Naked Truth- Bruno@MTS2 by bruno
- Bindi4 [By Vigaku] by Vigaku
- Cotton Candy Short Nails by alkaloid by alkaloid
- Jade green Alien skin by Enayla by Enayla
- Bobblack by melodie9
- teewithpantsandchucks by migamoo

Additional Credits:
Everyone who likes and comments on my sims
The fabulous CC creators! Give 'em a hand (and go throw them a thank you)