Russian Banya (rustic sauna)

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Uploaded: 11th Feb 2008 at 6:32 AM
Steam bath helps to cure diseases when all other means are helpless. – Hippocrates

Banya is a traditional Russian steam bath. The banya is not as hot as the Finnish sauna, but what it lacks in temperature is compensated by pouring more water over the stones of the stove, creating steam and higher humidity.

There are banyas that are heated "black" and banyas that are heated "white". In the first case, the smoke is led out through a hole in the ceiling. They are characterized by boulder stones and clay balls and cauldrons for the hot water. The firewood is usually birch. The smoke from the wood darkens the inside of the banya (therefore "black"). For white banyas there are different constructions, but all have stone stoves with a tank to heat the water.

So, why go to a banya? Well, functionally, the purpose used to be to thoroughly wash. Practically, it's a social event. In Russia, men would get together and go "steam," socialize, smoke, drink beer, share food and tea, and beat each other with these special brooms soaked in hot water. Let me tell you, swedish massage has nothing on the birch broom experience!

A bunch of leafy tree twigs, or venik, is a special feature of the Russian banya. These whisks can be made from different trees and also can be with different herbs. Yet, the birch venik considered to be the best and very special. Old people told that birch gives you the power. In fact, birch leaves have special substances that open up pores and help to ventilate you lungs, prevent premature aging of the skin, improve blood circulation and metabolism.

So, don’t hesitate and make your Sims enjoy an authentic Russian entertainment with my Russian Banya set!

The set consists of:
- Russian Sauna
- Rustic wall and floor
- Broom for wall decoration (birch and aspen recolors)
- A metal bucket with two recolors (empty, with water, with a broom soaking in water)
- A wooden washtub with a recolor (empty and with water)
- Two wooden ladles
- Rustic recolor for SaunaSoothe Wall Light
- Collection file

Russian Sauna and SaunaSoothe Wall Light recolor require Bon Voyage. Other objects are base game compatible.

A hint: To place the bucket on the stove or the washtub on the bench I used OMSP for desks and tables and OMSP for cofeetables by Ariffrazalin and “moveobjects on” and “boolprop SnapObjectsToGrid false” cheats.
Attention! Place the decorations on the rear part of the bench because Sims ignore them and can sit right through other objects which looks quite weird.

Polygon Counts:
- Russian Sauna: Faces=1514, Vertices=2186 for 9 tiles
- Broom for wall decoration: Faces=177, Vertices=275
- Bucket: Faces=296, Vertices=439
- Washtub: Faces=226, Vertices=329
- Ladle: Faces=226, Vertices=211
- Ladle for wall decoration: Faces=286, Vertices=327

Additional Credits: SimPE and CEP creators, Milkshape, 3D Max, Photoshop

Big thanks to The Well-Equipped Thief for great textures!