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Log modular stairs and railing

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Uploaded: 31st Jan 2008 at 12:43 PM
Updated: 5th Feb 2008 at 6:27 AM
Hello everybody!

Here is another thing that could make your log cabins look more realistic: log modular stairs.

Staircase was cloned from the base game one so no EP required.

! Modular stairs come with 2727_LogModularStairs_1.txt file that should be placed in your Scriptorium_ModularStairs folder.
Otherwise you should copy the text in it at the bottom of the modularstairs.txt file in this folder: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\Scripts

Railing (fence) matching this staircase can be found here.

Polygon Counts:
Stairs: about Face 167, Vertex 22

Additional Credits: SimPE and CEP creators, Milkshape, 3D Max, Photoshop.
Special thanks to Piglit for his help with 3D Max!