Wooden lace set

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Uploaded: 9th Jan 2008 at 6:16 AM
Updated: 12th Jan 2008 at 7:15 PM
Hello everybody!

I’m Russian, so it would be natural to present you something Russian.

I was inspired to create this set time ago by visiting a small village nearby Moscow, where we often spend weekends. Every time we are there I completely discharge batteries in my camera by taking enormous amount of pictures of the country houses. They are just amazing!

Most of the Russian country houses are made of wood and not very variable in layout. As a rule they are just a single-storey simple frame. But they do have special architectural features that make them just a piece of art. The frames of windows and doors, ridgepole of the roof, the pediments are embellished with gorgeous paintings or carved wood, and look just like wooden lace! Carved sculptures for the ridgepole, often in the shape of a hen or a horse, have the function of protecting inhabitants of the house from illnesses, thieves, fires and evil forces.

My set consists of a few embellishments for the house, two courtyard structures and 3 wooden wallpapers with top and bottom panelling.

Please use “moveobjects on” cheat to place all the objects except for the angle and wall log stumps.

A hint: if you want to place a roof gable on a veranda roof, first construct a wall, then create the roof, place the gable, and delete the wall under the roof.

All objects are created on the base game ones, so no EP required, and colour-enabled.

You can find architectural decorations in the Wall Decorations directory, and courtyard structures in the Sculptures.

You are welcome to recolor my objects, but please link back to me. Don’t upload any of my stuff to the exchange or any paysites.

Polygon Counts: SimPE count:

Window frame (fits for Breeze-easy Windows “Dowble Hung” Deluxe) – face 295, vertex 446
Door frame (fits for 1 tile doors) – face 176, vertex 259

Roof gable for 1 tile roof – face 352, vertex 544
Roof gable for 3 tiles roof – face 352, vertex 544
Roof gable for 5 tiles roof – face 748, vertex 1212

Roof ridge – face 124, vertex 197
Half roof ridge – face 82, vertex 130

Angle and wall log stumps for log cabins – face 336, vertex 492

Wooden well with carved wood decorations – face 922, vertex 1362
Firewood shed with carved wood decorations – face 676, vertex 1086

Custom Content by Me:
- Roof gable - 5 tiles
- Roof gable - 1 tile
- Roof gable - 3 tiles
- Roof ridge - 5 tiles
- Roof ridge - 5 tiles - half
- Roof ridge - 1 tile
- Roof ridge - 1 tile - half
- Roof ridge - 3 tiles
- Roof ridge - 3 tiles - half
- Window frame
- Door frame
- Angle log stumps - right
- Angle log stumps - centre
- Angle log stumps - left
- Wall log stumps - right
- Wall log stumps - left
- Log wall for Russian Log Hut with carved wood panelling
- Wooden well
- Firewood shed

Additional Credits: SimPE and CEP creators, Milkshape, 3D Max, Photoshop, Corel Draw.
Special thanks to Jasana for her great tutorials.