Career Outfits are Added to Wardrobe Again in FreeTime

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Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2008 at 2:07 PM
Updated: 15th Jan 2011 at 1:27 AM - AL Compatibility

Career outfits were automatically added to family wardrobe ever since Uni. In FreeTime, however, they are no longer added to family wardrobe, a throwback to the base game days. It does not matter whether you've installed FT patch or not, they are no longer added even in the unpatched game. Not sure if it's an intentional "feature" or yet another EAxian mistake though.

For the established households who already acquired career outfits before FT, the outfits will stay in their wardrobe. However, if some of family members move out, they won't acquire career outfits anymore in their newly created household. They can only wear the outfit for current job/level via "Dress for Work" menu.

In unpatched game, FT career outfits were available in CAS and buy catalog, so Sims could buy them at store just like regular outfits. However, FT patch hid them from CAS/buy catalog as well. So if you applied FT patch, all career outfits are now inaccessible (like that pink unitard with legwarmers which many people seem to miss), unless you're creating fresh Sims in CAS or using FFS clothing tool/clothing unlockers.

Some people dislike automatic addition of career outfits and prefer the way it is now, but other people may prefer the way it used to be before FT.

This mod enables career outfits to be automatically added to family wardrobe again, like all pre-FT EPs since Uni.

In a nutshell, this mod makes everything about career outfits work exactly the same way as pre-FT.

Note: This mod does NOT unlock career outfits in CAS and buy catalog. If you applied FT patch, FT career outfits will be still hidden from CAS and buy catalog even if you have this mod.
If you want to enable career outfits in CAS and buy catalog just like unpatched game, get my clothing unlocker here:
Unlocked FreeTime Career Outfits

Career outfits are added to the family wardrobe the moment a Sim is promoted or gets a new job. So only newly acquired outfits after installing my mod will be added to the wardrobe. Any outfits for past jobs/levels will not be added, until other Sims reach the same jobs/levels again.

Compatible with AL.


Place in your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads folder.
(Or in a subfolder of Downloads folder.)

Additional Credits:

J. M. Pescado & Doctor Boris for FFS Clothing Tool
Everyone who contributed to the development of SimPE