Targa's SupaFridge - Updated to FreeTime, uses Maxis mini fridge recolors (Updated 2008-12-17) Fixed leftover animations and juice drinking bug

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2007 at 8:05 PM
Updated: 15th Jan 2011 at 8:04 AM - Fixed awkward leftover animations and juice drinking bug

2008-12-17: Awkward leftover animations were fixed. Juice will no longer disappear from children's hand. Special thanks to rebecah and yedda_2000 for fixing glitched animations.
Only FT version was fixed, Seasons version remains unfixed. FT version may or may not work in Seasons/BV, so use at your own risk.

Food capacity of FT LargerCapacity version was raised to 400 to match K&B Stylish fridge. "Counter - Controller" error will no longer occur when you take out SupaFridge from your game. Added Korean translation of catalog description.

2008-03-11: Updated to FreeTime. Sims who have gained enough Enthusiasm points in Cuisine hobby can Serve Platters of chips, cheese and appetizer. Food capacity of FreeTime LargerCapacity version was raised from 300 to 350 to match the new FT modern fridge.

Seasons and BV players can use FT version for increased food capacity. Naturally, they can't use FT-only function.

2008-02-15: Removed annoying mouseover tooltip. (Thanks Numenor)
Removed redundant shadow png file for smaller size. SupaFridge now borrows shadow as well as textures from Maxis mini fridge.


This is an updated version of Targa's ever popular SupaFridge, a mini-fridge that functions as a full-sized fridge. A HUGE thanks to Targa for creating this wonderful object. It is my all-time favourite fridge and a must-have for Sim nursery. I only wished I could have more color choices than the 3 Maxis defaults, preferably sharing the same textures with the Maxis mini fridge. After some trial and error, I finally succeeded to apply "Repository" technique to this cutie. (Thanks to IgnorantBliss for the tutorial!)

It has the same GUID as Targa's original version. You must remove Targa's original version to prevent GUID conflict. (Thanks to sirbartonslady for pointing it out.)
Poly count is the same as Maxis mini fridge.

Requires Uni. Works for Pets or later EP engines.
  • Targas_SupaFridge-SNS: Pets/SNS/BV (including Teen, K&B and IKEA)
  • Targas_SupaFridge-FT: FT/AL/M&G/Store Edition
FT version may or may not work in Seasons/BV, so use at your own risk.

1. Now uses all recolors for Maxis "MMM" Mini Fridge!

No need to make separate recolors for SupaFridge. It will pull textures from Maxis mini fridge.

2. Updated for OFB / Seasons / FreeTime.

All OFB functions (Make/Make Many), Seasons functions (Get Leftovers/Stock) and FreeTime function (Serve Platter) are now enabled.

3. Fixed the counter slot bug.

The original SupaFridge has a bug which makes it impossible to prepare food on top of it. Maxis mini fridge doubles as a kitchen counter when it isn't placed under the counter. Sims can prepare meal on top of the mini fridge. But the original SupaFridge lacks a counter slot, because it was cloned from base game Cheap fridge. As described in this post, if you don't put SupaFridge under the counter and try to prepare a meal on top of it, the food will just disappear. Similarly, if you put small appliances (like microwave) on top of SupaFridge and try to use it, the appliance will just disappear. I fixed this bug as best as I can. Sims can now prepare food on top of SupaFridge just like the Maxis original, and objects will not disappear when placed on top of it. I can't guarantee that the bug was completely squashed though. Any help will be appreciated.

When you take out SupaFridge from your game, it will now revert to Uni mini fridge instead of base game Cheap fridge, and "Counter - Controller" error will no longer occur.

4. Fixed the outdoor shadow.

Now correctly casts the shadow when placed outside.

5. Increased food capacity.

You can choose between two versions; original (capacity: 80, same as Maxis mini fridge) and increased one (capacity: 400, same as the K&B Stylish fridge). Choose ONLY ONE version, they share the same GUID and will conflict with each other.

6. Fixed animation and juice drinking bug.

Thanks to the generous help of rebecah and yedda_2000, two long-standing animation issues were finally fixed.

Drinking juice function was glitched in the original SupaFridge. When children try to drink juice from SupaFridge, it disappeared from their hand. (Thanks to Wanda for catching this bug.)
rebecah already fixed this bug back in June, but I delayed integrating this fix to wait for AL. Then when AL finally came out, the whole issue just slipped from my mind...
Sorry for this awfully belated update, but better late then never.

As the original Maxis mini fridge lacks leftover function, SupaFridge used tall fridge animations for storing leftovers, which looked very awkward. yedda_2000 fixed leftover animations for both adults and children. Now Sims will actually crouch when they store leftovers, and the fridge door will close properly.


If you want SupaFridge for "Nursery-Only", you can edit it with SimPE on your own.

Open the package in SimPE. Select Pie Menu Functions (TTAB) in Resource Tree window, select TreeTable in Resource List window.
In Plugin View window, you can see all available pie menus for fridge. If you don't want Sims to take out food and prepare meal autonomously, select each menu and change the Autonomy value from 0x00000032 to 0x00000064. Repeat it to all meal-related menus (Have/Serve Meal/Grilled Food/Dessert), press "Commit File" button and save your package.

Known issues:

There is a glitch in child animation. As Maxis mini fridge lacks child animation for taking out food except snacks, the child animation for this fridge is somewhat wonky. When children take out leftovers from SupaFridge, the fridge door wouldn't close properly. It stays open until another adult uses the object. (Thanks to jelena_ee for reporting this bug.) I have very little knowledge in Sim animation files, any help would be greatly appreciated.

When Sims stock fish or produce in SupaFridge, they will hold the basket in an awkward way.

Additional Credits:
Targa for the original version of SupaFridge
rebecah and yedda_2000 for fixing glitched animations
IgnorantBliss for "Repository" technique tutorial
Numenor for information on removing annoying Live Mode toolip
Maxis for mesh and texture