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Sim's Globetrotter

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2008 at 2:10 PM
Updated: 6th Jan 2009 at 12:51 AM - Added some hints of explanation
Summertime time of Vacations
The Sim's Globetrotter
by hexameter

All over the year you can see caravans and camping vehicles taking the road to discover nearly every parts of the continents. So, why not put such a car into the Sims2 game?
Did you also look for this very special car among all those beautiful uploads we can find on plenty of sites?

Here is "The Sim's Globetrotter", my version of a camping vehicle as a drivable car to play with in the game. It was not intended to reproduce a special brand. It's just reflecting this type of vehicle with it's features.
There are three cars available for:
- Globetrotter-drivableNL for Nightlife as a drivable car (it worked in my tests only with this EP)
- Globetrotter-drivableBV for Bon Voyage, a drivable version that was tested in the game
up to Free Time. It should work with all EPs.
- Globetrotter-campinggrounds for Bon Voyage, a version that is cloned of a tent and works like this.
This way your sims can drive around even in the vacation areas (neighbourhoods!). Simply buy a residental lot and your sims can drive around, also to a camping area where you can put the tent clone in build mode in. This car cannot be used to drive with!

Don't use both drivable versions at the same time, they will override each other! Choose the one that fits to your installed EPs.

The drivable versions come with two simple recolours.

I hope you enjoy the cars as much as I do. Have fun with them and - Bon Voyage!



Polygon Counts:
Globetrotter-drivableNL: faces 9043 (430 per tile); vertices: 8328 (396 per tile) - low
Globetrotter-drivableBV: the same number of faces and vertices
Globetrotter-campingarea: 8930 (425 per tile); vertices: 7824 (373 per tile) - low

Additional Credits:
EA - for the base of the object (I used some parts of the van mesh as well as parts of the texture)

Quaxi and the developers of SimPE Numenor for his Basegame Starter
To all the eager writers who built the database of tutorials on MTS2