Drunkedness - Gearhead Matching Door and Windows

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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2008 at 3:00 PM
Updated: 20th Apr 2009 at 7:08 PM - Added location of recolors.

Do you wish that EA would complete their sets? Do you wish that EA would test their objects before making them go gold? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have somebody who agrees with you, ME. When I saw the gearhead set that came with Apartment Life I was so disappointed that they didn't even bother to make a one tiled version of their gearhead doors and windows. I was also bothered by the fact of the lolfail when the windows were placed over stages. So, what I ended up doing as my experience grew with meshing, is make them myself. So here you have a two and one tile "above stage" version, as well as a one tile regular version of the windows. There is also a one tile version of the gearhead door. All of the objects use the repository technique so there's no need in recoloring every file. All of the meshes come with diagonals as pictured in the preview above. These require the Apartment Life expansion pack as the textures are linked to the meshes.

I forgot to mention when I uploaded these that Piggis Sims has made some recolors of the original windows.

My policy:I ask that you do not redistribute my homes/lots/objects/etc. publicly without permission. You may include my objects/stuff in your lots/on your Sims, but with proper credit (link/name). Go ahead and share my stuff with your friends via e-mail/aim/PM/etc. HOWEVER, they are NOT allowed on paysites, including the free section of TSR. I do not care how proportionally free to pay your site is. 99.9% free does not cut it... 100.00% free does. 100% NO "EXCHANGE", though. Credit is not necessary for taking pictures with my objects/things/etc, although a little exposure is nice once in a while; Feel free to improve my stuff; but if you do choose to improve or change-up my stuff, please tell me, I would love to see what you did! And if you choose to upload it, by all means tell me.


Polygon Counts:
GearHeadOneTileMesh.package: 260 Door/430 Frame
GearHeadOneTileMeshDiagonal.package: 260 Door/430 Frame
OneTileLoftWindowAboveStageClosed.package: 723
OneTileLoftWindowAboveStageClosedDiagonal.package: 723
OneTileLoftWindowAboveStageOpen.package: 721
OneTileLoftWindowAboveStageOpenDiagonal.package: 721
OneTileLoftWindowClosed.package: 723
OneTileLoftWindowClosedDiagonal.package: 723
OneTileLoftWindowOpen.package: 721
OneTileLoftWindowOpenDiagonal.package: 721
TwoTileLoftWindowAboveStageClosed-Diagonal.package: 723
TwoTileLoftWindowAboveStageClosed.package: 723
TwoTileLoftWindowAboveStageOpen.package: 721
TwoTileLoftWindowAboveStageOpenDiagonal.package: 721

Additional Credits:
Numenor for his diagonal tid-bit tutorial.
Anyone and everyone who gave their suggestions. You know who you are.
The creators and devs of SimPE.