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"You're not leaving the house dressed like that, young lady!" - Female Modesty Set (Base Game)

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Uploaded: 25th Sep 2008 at 6:56 PM
[size=4][color=indigo]Modesty Set?[/header1]

Well, I went and did this for Apartment Life, and that got me looking at a lot of the other outfits in the game... and actually, one of the worst offenders is the base game, with short skirts and bellies sticking out all over the place.

I'm not a prude, but I don't think it's too much to ask that our sims look properly covered up. Thus, I have fixed a ton of outfits - pulling up pants, pulling down shirts, and adding leggings/tights and undershirts. If you want your sims to have it all hanging out, then don't download. I've done everything separately so if you want a particular set and don't want the rest, you can pick and choose.

[size=4][color=indigo][b]Default Replacements![/header1]

All files here are default replacements - [b]they will completely replace the original outfits with my changes.
If you don't like that, don't download them! I have no plans to make non-defaults of these. If someone else wants to do that, go right ahead - I made these for my own use and figured I'd upload them to share. Don't ask for non-defaults or I will come to your house and eat all your pasta!

The textures are compressed as much as SimPE would let me compress them (no texture quality loss, by the way) so these should be relatively small in size despite being defaults.

[size=4][color=indigo]Other outfits?[/header1]

I've got several outfits already done from several EPs. The Apartment Life set is already uploaded and available here. I do plan on doing more - when, I don't know. Don't bug me or I'll throw eggs at your dog.

Why didn't I do certain outfits (like the one adult female bra-with-sheer-black-top, or the teen female midriff tops that match the swimwear)? Because I didn't think it warranted it - either it was clearly meant to be skimpy and showing too much skin, or matched a swimsuit and was supposed to look like a swimsuit with shorts over or whatever... Basically, if it ain't here, I didn't feel like doing it, but MOST stuff from the base game is here.

[size=4][color=indigo][b]Downloads are in Comments![/header1]

Because of the fact that I have a ton of different sets here, I am putting the downloads in the comments.

[b]The file attached to this first post is a useless file which you do not need so don't download it!
It's only attached because I have to in order for this thread to work as a proper download thread... and because it'll amuse me to see how many people download it anyway without having read this at all.

[size=4][color=indigo][b]Thanks to:[/header1]

MTS2, the rest of the staff, and Delphy, for giving me a cool place to make pretty things for pixel dollies.

Everyone who has contributed to the development of SimPE.

Wes_H for his Milkshape plugins.

[size=4][color=indigo][b]Model Credits:[/header1]

Adult hair by Nouk, teen hair by Raon (both free). Skin and brows by me. Eyes by Anva. Makeup by RenSim.