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Custom Falconry Career - For Adults Only

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2008 at 4:42 PM
Updated: 5th Nov 2010 at 12:21 AM
Hello folks :-)

**UPDATE** I have finally figured out how to make the icon background transparent using GIMP! If you would like the career with the transparent-background icon, please upload/reupload the .rar file named FalconryCareerUPDATED.rar.

Well, this is my first upload here on MTS2, and also my first attempt at making a custom career. Please leave a comment or hit the Thanks button if you like it! If you encounter any problems, or find any grammar/spelling errors please let me know by leaving a comment below. This career has its own unique GUID, and so shouldn't overwrite anything in your game. It is EP compatible, and has 10 chance cards (ie one per level).

In short, this is a career about Falconry. For those of you who don't know what falconry is, it can basically be summarised as hunting with birds of prey. In this career track I have used it to mean working with birds of prey in any context.

This is the information about the levels.

Trainee Raptor Keeper: Wage $50, Days Worked TWTSS, Time 8am - 6pm

You spend most of your time cleaning things, you tramp through ponds to fetch difficult birds, and to top it all off you are paid an absolute pittance! But keep working on your skills, and hopefully you will get a promotion soon.

Raptor Keeper: Wage $100, Days Worked TWTFSu, Time 8am - 6pm

Well, you have finished your training, but the work is still much the same. The only difference is that you have a trainee to boss around, so they do some of the worst jobs for you. If you work on your body skills, as well as your skills dealing with the public, then a promotion shouldn't be too far off.

Head Raptor Keeper: Wage $200, Days Worked MTTSS, Time 8am - 6pm

You really know your stuff when it comes to working with birds of prey! You connect instantly with members of the public who come to watch the displays, and the birds always seem to behave themselves for you. Work on your logic and creativity skills, and hopefully soon you'll be promoted.

Raptor Display Organiser: Wage $300, Days Worked MTWTF, Time 9am - 6pm

As well as the day-to-day business of feeding, flying and caring for the birds, you are now also responsible for putting on displays at local schools, festivals and events. Work on your charisma a bit more, and maybe you'll catch the attention of someone important.

Private Falconer: Wage $500, Days Worked TuWFSS, Time 9am - 5pm

You are now working for a well-off family, training birds of prey for their hunting trips. The job can get a bit lonely at times, as there aren't any people around, but at least you have the birds for company. Keep working on those skills, and soon you may be able to set up a business of your own!

Falconry Centre Director: Wage $750, Days Worked MWFSS, Time 9am - 6pm

You have finally worked your way up to owning your own falconry centre! Unfortunately, this means that you no longer spend as much time with birds, as you have a lot of administrative tasks to do instead. You work a lot with members of the public, so work on your charisma skills if you want to advance.

Raptor Breeder: Wage $1250, Days Worked MTWTF, Time 8am - 6pm

You got tired of never getting the chance to work with the birds, so you have turned your falconry centre into a breeding centre. You are no longer open to the public, which frees up your time for the difficult and sometimes frustrating process of breeding and rearing raptors. On the positive side, you make a fair amount of money selling the excellent quality birds that you breed. Logic and creativity skills are key to your success.

Raptor Researcher: Wage $1250, Days Worked MWFSS, Time 10am - 5pm

You have decided that, instead of working directly with the birds, you are going to study their behaviour, as well as looking in depth at their welfare. You spend a lot of your time standing around observing them, and also writing up your work for publication.

Raptor Welfare Expert: Wage $1750, Days Worked TWTF, Time 10am - 5pm

You managed to get a couple of papers on raptor behaviour and welfare published, and all of a sudden people want your opinion! You give lots of lectures, and have started work on your first book about falconry. Work on your charisma and logic, and pretty soon you'll be the most knowledgable person around when it comes to raptor welfare!

RWF Founder: Wage $2500, Days Worked TWT, Time 11am - 5pm

So many people valued your opinions on raptor welfare that you set up the Raptor Welfare Foundation. You hold lectures, print guidance materials, and are currently writing yet another book on raptors. Congratulations - you are now the number one point of call for everybody who has a question about raptor welfare!

I have tried to be quite realistic as far as working hours are concerned, and I understand that that may not be to everyone's taste. So if you want to edit this career FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE ONLY then go ahead. But please don't upload it anywhere and/or claim that you made this career.

**EDIT** If anybody is interested in a Dutch language version of this career, please post below. If enough people show an interest in having this career in Dutch, I will translate it as soon as I have a bit of spare time.

I hope you enjoy my Falconry Career! :-D

Additional Credits:
I would like to thank Superfly, whiterider and Emma Barrett for their awesome tutorials on career creation.

I would also like to thank charleeheart and insidious_glamour for offering to help me change the GUID when I was having trouble with SimPE.

And last but not by any means least I'd like to thank Numenor for figuring out what was wrong with my career, and for fixing it for me! I wouldn't have figured that one out in a million years!