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1 Tile Colonial Style Window with Shutters - Maxis Match

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Uploaded 6th Nov 2008 at 5:02 PM · Updated 7th Jul 2011 at 11:21 AM by leesester : explain this is one window not 4

And here it is (at last) the colonial "Midnight Ride" window with shutters. This is the second of two windows I made to add on to the existing Maxis set see below

For those of you who cannot see the difference, that was the plan........ If you look at the tiles below the windows in the image you will see that I have made EXACT COPIES of the originals, just changed the tile size.

The cost of the window is 175 simoleons like the original and can be found in the build catalogue with all the other windows.

The window (and the other windows in the links in this post) are all linked to the original windows so recolours of the master(s) will apply across the full set.

This is just the 1 tile shuttered version - if you want the no shutter window go to the links in the post
These windows are design mode enabled like the originals see below

I hope you like this window, meanwhile, here are my other windows: You can download them after this one if you like = 2 tile colonial no shutters
half size la fenêtre Window on 2 tiles

You have to put both files (diagonal and straight) in the download folder to work

Polygon Counts:
Both windows have the same polygon count as the Maxis originals

1178 Polys, 2010 Vertices (Straight version)

1178 Polys, 2010 Vertices (Diagonal version)

Additional Credits:
JWoods for object creation tutorial, IgnorantBliss for the custom window tutorial + the subset tutorial + the repository tutorial, Numenor for the diagonal window tutorial (and being able to help when I just got totally stuck....), SimPE, MTS2 for giving a place to learn

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