Breeze Easy Window in 2 tile version - Maxis Match

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Uploaded 10th Nov 2008 at 3:35 PM · Updated 15th Mar 2009 at 1:46 AM by leesester : Restored files after Great Crash of '09

Maxis made some great windows, but failed to make complete sets; this window is yet another addition to the Maxis originals - the sets that Maxis forgot.....

Here it is - the Breeze Easy Double Hung in an equally inexpensive 2 tile version. This is handy for lots where you have a piece of wall which is only 2 tiles wide, and you want to centre the 1 tile window over the two tiles of wall.

Price: 90 simoleons, correct shadows, frosted glass, in the build catalogue with the other windows. As always, fully recolourable with the Maxis default colours, recolours of the original will link to this window.

If you like this window, check out my colonial expansions at the links below:

2 tile colonial no shutters
1 tile colonial with shutters
2 tile la Fenêtre window no shutters
1 tile La Fenêtre with shutters

Enjoy the window, you need the straight and the diagonal file in your downloads folder for these to work.

There are also 2 cool recolours of these windows on MTS2 - use link below

Polygon Counts:
Both windows have a very modest number of polygons

180 faces, 344 vertices

Additional Credits:
JWoods for object creation tutorial, IgnorantBliss for the custom window tutorial + the subset tutorial + the repository tutorial, Numenor for the diagonal window tutorial, SimPE, MTS2 for giving a place to learn. Assorted posts about frosted glass...........

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