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1 Tile La Fenêtre Window with Shutters - Maxis Match

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Uploaded 15th Nov 2008 at 3:07 PM · Updated 7th Jul 2011 at 11:21 AM by leesester : Restored after the Great Crash of '09

And finally, here it is, the last window in my colonial expansion pack (unless I can get those pesky privacy windows uv mapped).

As always, the windows are linked to the Maxis Colours, so a nice small file in your downloads folder, all is fully recolourable with the design tool.

This is a 1 tile window (occupies one tile of wall space, one wall high) with shutters attached. WARNING: do not use this on a single piece of straight wall unless you like your shutters to be wider than the wall.................

Look at the picture below to see how it looks on a diagonal wall

Cost - 250 Simoloeons like the other shuttered version
You have to put both files (diagonal and straight) in the download folder to work

I hope you like this window, meanwhile, here are my other windows: You can download them after this one if you like

2 tile la Fenêtre no shutters
2 tile colonial no shutters
1 tile colonial with shutters
half size la fenêtre Window on 2 tiles

Polygon Counts:
Both windows have the same polygon count as the Maxis originals

1476 Polys, 2112 Vertices (Straight version)

1476 Polys, 2112 Vertices (Diagonal version)

Additional Credits:
JWoods for object creation tutorial, IgnorantBliss for the custom window tutorial + the subset tutorial + the repository tutorial, Numenor for the diagonal window tutorial, SimPE, MTS2 for giving a place to learn.

Tags: #colonial, #1 tile, #maxis, #shutters, #la fenetre, #mesh