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Princess Leia's A New Hope Dress

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2008 at 1:10 AM
Updated: 28th Mar 2009 at 11:08 PM
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i'm breaking my own rules and bringing you...clothing! >_< *dun dun dun*

and surprisingly...i'm actually quite pleased with how this turned out. :] so i thought i'd share. this is whole hartedly dedicated to the ever-so-wonderful Marie_fay, who i'm missing dearly while she's off on her adventure. this is by no means up to par with her work, but something to hopefully tied us all over for the time being.

as for a description. for those of you, and yes i always am amazed at how there are a few out there, who have managed to not see Star Wars, this is the dress worn throughout almost all of Episode IV: A New Hope by Princess Leia Organa. through her capture, trip to the trash compactor, and her escape from the Death Star...this outfit saw quite a lot of action. she also throws it (or a new one that looks just like it) on at the end of Empire.

mesh is by WDS BriAnna

Additional Credits:
Buns by Kavar
Leia sim by me.