Mauritania Arches

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2011 at 6:44 PM
Updated: 25th Nov 2013 at 10:34 AM - add link
Long, long ago a newbie simmer called leesester made an expansion set for the Mauritania door. It was a big project, and the newb got tired and panicky and realised it had bitten off rather more than it could chew and never did the arches for it

Well, I did the double ones last year, I just never got round to sharing them......

Anyway, my good friend BoilingOil asked me if I could make an extra door and arch to match the Mauritania Door.

"Yeah sure" I said - "no probs." (had em stashed in DL folder y'see)

"Yay" said BO - "I did mention I wanted it to be a single storey two tile arch on three tiles? Good. Great. Looking forward to it......"


Well, I did it. The arches in this package are for arches configured as:
one on two tile (that's a one tile arch centred on two tiles),
two tiles (double arch)
2 on 3 tiles (that's the double arch centred on 3 tiles).

But. A three tile diagonal wall is BIG. Like daftly, stupidly OMG whitewashing the fence big. Since I did not have a handy rat on a string I decided to make the diagonal a standard double arch diagonal. The 2 on 3 shares the diagonal arch with the double arch.

Probably best to just chuck em all in your DLs folder and have done with it

Prices and Recolours
The arches are repository to the Mauritania Door, so any recolours you have in your DLs folder for the door will also apply to this arch.

1 on 2 = 293 simoleons
Double = 300 simoleons
2 on 3 = 300 simoleons

I have also made a DOOR that does the 2 on 3 trick... you can get that on LeeFish HERE >>

Polygon Counts
1 on 2 arch1328
2 on 3 arch1328
double arch1328

Additional Credits:
MTS, SIMPE, EA/Maxis for making the original meshes (and the game) and BoilingOil for asking (and yes, I totally misrepresented the poor chap - he was really nice and understanding when I first told him nope, no way, 2 on 3 on single storey doesn't exist)
Arch Recolours used in the pics: