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School Clothes for Vintage Teens

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Uploaded: 7th Apr 2009 at 9:27 PM
My teen girls were seriously in need of more new clothes and I was looking through my vintage patterns for some ideas and found this 1943 McCalls pattern. I don't have a culottes mesh but thought that would make a nice school jumper and the poodle skirt mesh from Nightlife seemed the perfect choice. I tried to get the first one as close to the pattern as possible with a denim look then decided to add a rainbow of other colors. Included are khaki, hunter green, pumpkin, burgundy, teal and aubergine. That one turned out to be the exact color of the eggplants I've grown in my garden.

Each jumper comes with a coordinating blouse in plaid, stripes or a floral print. A scarf in a complementary solid color or print sets off the v-neck. Two styles of belt add detail and the outfits are completed with oxfords or loafers in three colors and bobby socks in white or pastels.

With summer coming up soon my next project for the girls is the sleeveless jumper also seen on the pattern. The look-alike one is completed and recolors of it are in progress. Also in progress is a two piece outfit taken from another 40's pattern which will be perfect for Easter. I hope to have them ready before next weekend.

Apologies to those of you with broadband connections for uploading two files but downloading anything much over 1MB is difficult with my dialup connection. I figure others with dialup may have the same problem so I will try to keep my rar files small.

Additional Credits:
Some of the models have Maxis hair but Denim's and Pumpkin's are recolors by Genensims and Burgundy's hair is from Pronupsims. Teal's hair is from Fantasy Sims which I can no longer find. It's been a staple for my sims since 2004. One or more of the others may be conversions by Melodie9

My thanks to my friends CeeCee, Ruby, Oydie, Aeronwy, Kim, Lisa, Suzicat and Crystal who have given me feedback, suggestions and requests while I have been making these.