::Star Fleet Academy:: Young Adult Outerwear (DS9/TNG:FC Era)

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Uploaded 15th Apr 2009 at 3:48 AM

The first in Starfleet Academy Series. (DS9/TNG:FC Era)

Inspired by Nixnivis' spectacular DS9/TNG:FC Era Uniforms and the wonderful folk over at SimTrek

Young Adult Male and Female Cadet Outerwear.

For the sake of canon.

Comes in the three specialism colours...

With padded shoulders!

Com Badge (thank you Nixnivis) dates the outfits to Late DS9/TNG First contact era and onwards. Other com-badge variants available on request.


Male outfit is a recolour of an existing (University) maxis mesh.

Female outfit uses the JXL_YAF_StarTrekCadetOutdoor_MESH.package which can be found for download with this post (JXL_YAF_StarTrekCadetOutdoor_MESH.zip)


Huge thanks to Nixnivis for letting me use her com-badge texture.

Much Love, awe and worship to the creators of SimPE, Unimesh, Milkshape and Wardrobe Wrangler. These awesome peices of software are... well awesome.

Textures made using Photoshop CS2 (the creators of which will not be thanked as they must freekin' loaded)

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See readme.txt inside zip folders.

Polygon Counts:
Polygon Count: 2422

Vertex Count: 1677