Lara Croft Manor - HUGE interior, built after the Tomb Raider Legend Manor + "Treasurehunt" minigame!

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2009 at 7:55 PM
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Welcome to the Lara Croft Manor!

ATTENTION: Please read ALL of this description, because this is not just a big house, i have something special for you this time!

I built this Manor for over 5 days now and i'm finally happy with it. I built this house after the interior design of the "Tomb Raider Legend" Manor and added a few own ideas to spice it up. If you know and played "Tomb Raider Legend" you will feel like you are in the Manor in the game, i put a lot of effort into it to make it as similar as possible with the tools available.

This manor offers:
Large living room with fireplace of course, which is the mainhall at the same time, 1kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 fitnessroom, libary, Large computer terminal, beautiful indoor Pool and finally a garden as wild as Lara Croft herself with LOTS of details, if you look for them you'll find them.

It is large,but it is designed for a small amount of Sims, preferable 1 Lara Croft Sim
HERE is my recommendation for a Lara Sim:
>>> CLICK <<<

DON'T run away now, here are the extras i built in for your enjoyment and to try something completely different.

1.) -- "Treasurehunt" --
To complete the Lara Croft athmosphere, i built in this small minigame. There are -28- baseballs and -14- footballs hidden all over the place. Just put the ball in the inventory as you find it and stack them to see how many you found so far.
Difficulty level:
Walls down = EASY
Half walls = MEDIUM
Walls up = HARD

I recommend you play this "minigame" at least with MEDIUM difficulty.

2.) -- "Find the books" --
Lara has many books in her manor, so i thought i place almost every available book spread all over the manor, for you to find them. Buying books is boring? Then just look for them in the manor and explore it at the same time with this 2nd "minigame" !

TIP: Do not hire a Maid, or she will carry away all the books in the manor and destroys this minigame!

I had this project in mind since Sims 3 came out and now it's finally done. I hope you enjoy this house + the minigames and i recommend to tune in the relaxing Tomb Raider Manor soundtrack
(>>> Tomb Raider Legend - Manor OST <<<)
(>>> Tomb Raider Anniversary - Manor OST <<<)
and play this house with a Lara Croft Sim to get the full athmosphere.

If you are interested in the full soundtrack -->CLICK , it's completely FREE!

Here some pictures:

8 screens are not enough to show all of it, but i'm sure you will happily explore this large Manor!


Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 66.817 / 490.357