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Teen Vintage Tees: '60s Style!

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Uploaded: 4th Jul 2009 at 1:04 AM
Updated: 16th Aug 2009 at 5:42 AM - Adult/YA/Elder versions now available.
I'm finally about to start on the eighties set...now, I know the eighties is a lot of peoples favorites so, if you have something you want done leave a post here and I'll consider adding it to my LONG list. It can be music of any genre or it can be a piece of pop-culture from the 80s. Now get nostalgic!

Update (7/10/2009) - The adult/YA/Elder versions are now available at this post:

Update (7/9/2009) - as promised, I repacked the teen male shirts. Instead of having 8-9 packages, it's now been cut down to three!

Both the crew and long tees go as followed:

If you do decide to use the repacked files, make sure to remove the old ones. And also, if you had a sim currently wearing one of these shirts, you'll have to put the shirt back on them.


In my usual fashion, when I do something, I do it big! So, I present to all you lovely people part one of a four part set! I'm a fan of the decades and while listening to my iPod, I thought up a neat idea for my next project: Vintage Tees from the 60s on through the 90s!

I put a lot of hard work into these and I damn near melted my graphics card trying to take screenshots with all the visuals maxed. But, it was worth it. :D

Anyhoos, Part 1 is the Groovy Sixties!

I made a collection of t-shirts based off of my favorite bands, and also a few pieces of pop culture from this era added in. There are child versions and teen versions for both sexes. I wanted to do an adult set as well but there's some kink with the adult female t-shirt mesh that makes it unusable for stencil designs...and it would bother my spirit to have t-shirts for adult males but not for the females. Sorry, but I'm OCD like that :D

Moving on! The child size shirts only come in one style. The female teen shirts come in a t-shirt style and a layered t-shirt style. And, the male teen shirts come in a t-shirt style and a long t-shirt style.

Each Set is broken into mini-sets that go as followed:

Child - Female

Child - Male

Teen - Female - T-Shirt

Teen - Female - Layered T-Shirt

Teen - Male - T-Shirt

Teen - Male - Long T-Shirt

(Phew! That was a lot to type)

I apologize for such a large number of sets in the male teen shirts, but CTU had a mental breakdown if I added more than two or three designs to one .package at a time.

If you couldn't tell already, I put my heart and soul into these shirts. So, I hope y'all enjoy them ;D

And, check out Part 2: the Solid Seventies

Oh fyi:
  • all of the shirt designs are the same for male and female, so refer to the screenshots to see what they look like.
  • if you're using these on a super skinny or a super fat sim, expect a tad bit of image distortion. It can't be helped.
  • I removed the overly femmy t-shirts from the male sets for obvious reasons: Flower Power, Mama Cass and Scooby, Peace and Mama Cass w/ Umbrella are not available for males.
  • Jimi Hendrix 2 is supposed to have that hazy look too it. I mean, he is the king of Purple Haze ;D

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Tie-Dye Patterns by Gangreless

Additional Credits:
Delphy, Snaitf and Photoshop