Teen Vintage Tees: '70s Style!

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2009 at 7:41 AM
Updated: 25th Jul 2009 at 4:24 AM - The adult/YA/elder shirts are here!
I'm finally about to start on the eighties set...now, I know the eighties is a lot of peoples favorites so, if you have something you want done leave a post here and I'll consider adding it to my LONG list. It can be music of any genre or it can be a piece of pop-culture from the 80s. Now get nostalgic!

Update (7/10/2009) - The adult/YA/Elder versions are now available at this post:

Update (7/9/2009) - as promised, I repackaged the teen male meshes. The total number of packages went down from 10-14 to only 5!

Both long tee and crew tee go as followed:

If you chose to use the repackaged ones, take out the original teen male ones first. And also, if a sims was wearing one of these shirts before you changed the packages you'll have to put the shirt back on them.

Led Zeppelin 1 is actually a Pink Floyd logo...oopsies!

And here comes part two of my four part decades set:

Like my '60s Set, I made a little collection of some of my favorite bands from the '70s along with a few tid-bits of pop culture thrown into the mix.

These are only for teens and children at the moment, meaning that whenever the next version of Delphy's CAS Texture Unitool comes through enabling us to *finally* add designs to adult female meshes, I'll go ahead and make these available for adults as well. But until then, this is the best I've got.

Children (both male and female) only have one t-shirt option. Teen females have a short sleeve t-shirt option and a layered t-shirt option. Teen males have a long sleeved t-shirt option and a short sleeved t-shirt option.

Each is broken down into sets that go as followed:

*Child Female

*Child Male

*Teen Female Crew

*Teen Female Layered Crew

*Teen Male Long Tee

*Teen Male Crew

If you haven't noticed--which I know you have--there are a bucket load of teen male packages. I'm just going to apologize now for that...although it can't be helped. For some strange and vexing reason, the CTU can only save 2-3 files per package on teen male meshes. But rest assured, when ever a better way to package files comes up, I'll repackage all of these to a more user-friendly format :D

Also to accommodate for such a large number of files to sort through, I've included a list of what's in each package in the .rars. So if you get asked to over write something while extracting, don't panic, it's just the "Set List".

Anyhoos, obviously the next part is the {insert catchy slogan} Eighties. It will be a while before it comes out. (1) I have a long list of things to make...the '80s are my favorite decade! and (2) I'm going on vacation


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