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I Love Retro! (Part 1)

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Uploaded: 15th Jan 2011 at 12:14 PM
Do you love retro?

This set was originally for a Lucy Desi Ball sim I was working on, but...she's been put on the back-burner for now. However, I really liked the wardrobe I made for her and would like to share.

The I Love Retro set comes in three uploads and has an outfit or two for every part of your happy housewife's life!

The Day Shopper

Whether it's to the hair dresser or out to market, a true lady of the 50s would never step foot outside her house unless she was dressed to the tee. The Day Shopper dress is a simple, smart looking dress that can be glammed up for formal or dressed down for walking around the house. It has a faux tucked in button up shirt paired with a loose and glamorous silken skirt.

There are two versions of the dress. One is plain and the other has a camisole underneath for a little more of that 1950s modesty!

The plain version's channels are the shirt, the skirts and the collar/sleeves/sash.

The camisole version's channels are the full dress, the collars/sleeves/sash and the camisole.

Both dresses are included in one package and are found in everyday and formal.

Formal Attire

Going out for dinner and a late night show? Well then, it's time to get fancy! The formal dress has a voluminous satiny skirt and an elegant top with loose, flowing sleeves. To polish off the lapel, there's a gorgeous broach in the center. And, there's a sash with a decorative buckle to pull in the hour glass shape.

There are two versions of this as well. One has the following channels: bodice, skirt, belt/collar. The other channels are: full dress, collar/sleeves and belt.

Once again both dresses are included in one package and are found in everyday and formal.


All items have custom thumbnails for easy identification in CAS.

Everything is for adult/YA females! Elder and Teen versions coming at a later date.

All meshes have proper morph states and have been fully tested with EA sliders, slider hacks and custom sliders.

Want more retro?

Check out part 2 and part 3.

Polygon Counts:
Day Shopper - 4246 Polys / 2878 Vertices
Formal - 3734 Polys / 2394 Vertices

Additional Credits:
-Side Swept Up-Do and Pinned Curls by Wojtek
-Flor de Fuego by EA Store
-Pearls by lemonleaf
-Sandal Platform Heel by All About Style
-High Heels by BloomsBase