Le chai

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Hello ^^
With the first expansion coming, sims will be able to go to sim France and learn to make nectar (wine), but already, your sim can own a chai, here, a typical small château in the Bordelais (the wine lands all around the town of Bordeaux) with it's storing buildings and a big grape field ! The field is already started but not full, with sprinklers upgraded to automatic already, but still, it's quite a challenge to tend ! Prepare your sim to become a wine magnate now ^^. Own a chai (and manage it !)

30x40 lot
Lot price (pricey price -__-)
furnished : 75173
empty : 56143

Since I played this lot quite a bit to establish the grape field, the house is moderately decorated, but still with basic furnishings.

Custom content used :
From the EA store
Romantique chaise HERE
Porcelaine tub HERE
Worthington's bassin HERE
Colossal Curtain HERE

Sim control -Posters bicicletas HERE
SimsArtGallery- cinnamon road HERE
Nostalgia - HERE

AweSims - Morris rose HERE
RoboKitty - faded florals HERE
- busted rust HERE
Metalkat0642 Mansion part 2 HERE

Other objects
Shrikandi's plain mission counters HERE
Lemoncandy - potted flowers recolors HERE

Have fun with it ^^ !

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: 75173