[edited] The stampede

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Uploaded: 19th Sep 2009 at 7:37 PM
Updated: 20th Sep 2009 at 11:50 AM
[Edited 20-9-09] Fixed the Giraffes to show under 'misc', and not 'plants'. Please, redownload the set, or simply, the giraffes and copy them over the previous files. Sorry for the inconvenience -__-

Finally, I succeeded in making deco objects ! It's a horse, it's an elephant, it's giraffes !! It's a stampede !... Ok, not exactly (unless you look at the third pict :D).
The horse and the giraffes I extracted from the 3 tile bookcase in the game. The elephant mesh was kindly provided by OrangeMittens of Avalon fame ^^. Thank you OM !
Since I'm only a beginner and not very versed in texturing much (yet), they have not real texturing per-se, but they are CASTable, meaning you can recolor them in game to any texture you want. I've tried, and depending on the pattern, you can really get interesting results !
They are cloned from an object that goes on all surfaces, including fireplaces and dresser.
You will find them under Deco>misc, at the beginning, since they cost a mean 1 simoleon ^^.

*Note that the texture displayed in the pict is NOT the default texture. They appear light grey in the catalog.(The texture displayed is from Akisima, called 'bambus')

I hope you enjoy the stampede :D

Polygon Counts:
Horse : 150 vertices - 216 faces
Elephant :481 vertices - 656 faces
Giraffes : 530 vertices -888 faces