Let's Get Physical!

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Uploaded: 29th May 2011 at 6:41 PM
Updated: 2nd Jun 2011 at 10:25 PM

In honor of MTS's fitness theme, I made a set of six dance/yoga outfits for your sims. This is really an OVERHAUL of my Madame Dal's House of Dance set. A lot of people wanted long-legged and full body suits so I made them. And, I got a lot of feedback saying that they preferred rounder necks to the leotards, so I implemented those as well. In my opinion, these are much better than my previous set!

There are six different suits for your ladies, all six are combined in one package for each age group. There is a basic thin strap leotard, a short sleeve leotard and a long sleeve leotard. The last three suits are complementing unitards. All suits have one recolorable channel.

They're available for females teen through elder and are found in athletic and swimwear.

Bonus Items!

In addition to the full-body outfits, there are accessory versions of the suits, as well. The accessory versions can be used if you choose to layer the suits under clothing for that "headed to dance class" look. They are found in every outfit category (including career) and are marked as rings (left).

Lastly, when staging the photo I had a lot of difficulty finding a good pair of tights to go under the suits. So, I ended up making my own.

The tights are slightly opaque to give off the thick tights look. They pull up all the way to the sim's navel, so they cover up the body well. The tights are not bucket filled, they have a subtly detailed texture (wrinkles at the ankle and knees). They can be found for all categories, and are marked as regular socks.

Both accessories are available for ages teen through elder. And no outfit/accessory is available for random.

Additional Credits:
-All hairs on the adults can be found at the Sims 3 Store
-Red head child hair -> Peggy 231 conversion by Robodl95
-Brunet child hair -> Anto 86 conversion by Robodl95
-The ballet shoes and child leotards are part of my House of Dance set.

Poses Used:
-Elegant Pose Pack by traelia
-Fun Kid Pose Pack by traelia
-Ballet Pose Set 1 by thanhmabo
-Various EA Poses

Special thank you to traelia for the custom poses used in the main banner. If you would like to use them in your own game, you must personally ask traelia for them until she uploads them.