Starfleet baby boom! Maternity wear for your Trek ladies!

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Uploaded: 11th Sep 2009 at 8:53 PM
Updated: 4th Jul 2011 at 10:49 PM

Even in space, Sims get pregnant - and they need something nice to wear when they do. So, for your pregnant Star Trek Sims, I give you "The Next Generation", "Voyager" and "First Contact" style maternity wear. (The latter has never actually been seen on screen, so I've based it on how the VOY maternity wear looks.) They are categorised as everyday, formal and outerwear, and they of course work with my rank insignia. They are for females only, though; any male chief engineers that get knocked up are on their own.

Note that you'll need a hack for your Sims to actually be able to wear them while pregnant, such as Squinge's pregnant Sims wear any outfit hack. (To find the version you need of that particular hack, go to the forum for your last EP and look for "pregnant sims wear any outfit".)

All files have been compressed using The Compressorizer.

Image Credits:
TNG Sim: Hair by Raonjena (recoloured by Shoukeir), skin by HystericalParoxysm, makeup by Bruno , eyes by zoej
VOY Sim: Skin and eyes by Lyran , hair by Maxis
FC Sim: Hair by Peggy (free) recoloured by dancegurl1708, make-up by Bruno, eyes by Lyran, skin is my edit of Ren's self make-up skintone.

Polygon Counts:
MESH_nixnivis_afslackscollar-maternity: polys=2202, vertices=1873
MESH_nixnivis_afturtleneckslacks-maternity: polys=2183, vertices 1649

Additional Credits:
* HP and Tig - meshing mentors
* Quaxi and all the other SimPE developers
* Wes H for the Unimesh plugins
* The Milkshape team

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