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Adam Lambert

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2009 at 1:08 AM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2009 at 9:03 PM
Adam Lambert; singer extraordinarie from American Idol

Lambert was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to California shortly afterward. He grew up in Rancho Peñasquitos in northeastern San Diego and attended Deer Canyon Elementary School, Mesa Verde Middle School, where he was a winner in the Airband competition (featuring Michael Jackson's "Thriller") and Mount Carmel High School (MCHS), where he was in theater, choir, and frequently performed vocals with the school's jazz band "MC Jazz". Some of his memorable MCHS performances included Frederick in The Pirates of Penzance and "It's Only a Paper Moon" with MC Jazz. He has cited David Bowie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Queen, and Led Zeppelin as influences.

Lambert is Jewish and has performed in Hebrew at Jewish events, singing songs such as "Shir LaShalom". He goes to Temple of the Arts in San Diego and has performed at the Kol Nidre service on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. Lambert also performed in Jewish-themed The Ten Commandments: The Musical as Joshua, performing the song "Is Anybody Listening?" to critical acclaim.

Lambert confirmed that he was gay in a Rolling Stone cover story interview shortly after he was named the American Idol runner-up.

You will need to download the Nose Masks and Eyebrows zip, as I created custom eyebrows and a nosemask. I have just now realized I never had the slider hack to begin with

Full Body

Have fun with him...

Additional Credits:
1) Hair is a conversion by ManSim and can be found on his blog.

2) Skintone pictured is a default replacement from Peggy Zone

3) Necklace is a Rose creation and can be found from her site.

4) The contents of Nose Masks and Eyebrows were created by me, do as you choose with the items...

Sim is packaged in Base Game material. Jacket pictured is from the Store.

5) The helpful advice of everyone from Creator Feedback


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