Melanie Warn's Fitness Club (Wellness Gym Replacement)

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2009 at 1:29 AM
This is my very first Sims 3 upload and custom Sims 3 lot.

This is Melanie Warn's Fitness Club, a replacement for the 24 Hour Wellness Gym in Sunset Valley. It was built on the same lot and is intended to go in the same place.

The gym features a large open room with exercise equipment, toilets and showers on either end for easy access, recreational objects outside, and a pool.

The front of the building is chunky and abstract much like the Wellness Gym, but much more tastefully. Greeting gym-goers is a copper statue of Melanie Warn, the man who founded the Gym. Melanie Warn was the happiest person ever, and he wanted nothing more than for others to be happy. As a result of this, he founded many many businesses in SimNation- most of which were completely free to the public and non-profit.

Melanie has a taste for the symmetrical, which shows through the floor layout of his gym. Even the pool is accented with smaller bodies of water just for looks and ambiance, all reflected left-to-right with complete symmetry.

Inside the entranceway are three statues representing what those in the gym strive for: The strength, both physical and mental, to hold the celestial weight of their lives on their shoulders. The statues struggle a we are all just Sims, after all. No one is perfect and there is no need to be.

And because of this, the gym allows people to indulge. Exercise isn't necessary! The yard features lounge chairs, a warm pool, 3 stereos, a foosball table, and 3 chess tables. What people don't realize is that each of these betters their bodies and minds as they dance and play and compete.

Melanie Warn hopes that you'll enjoy his fully-tested, 100% Custom Content Free base-game compatible gym replacement.

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: 146,114