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The Uber-Watch Flat-panel HD Experience [Rig Fixed!]

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Uploaded: 14th Mar 2010 at 12:30 AM
Updated: 15th Apr 2013 at 2:11 AM - New files (Rig fixed)
New from Uber-Watch is this year's only excuse to having a multi-story living room! Presenting... The Uber-Watch Flat-Panel HD Experience! Now rig-fixed!

This large-scale TV is about 8 times the size of the regular flat-screen (about 4 stories tall) and uses the same mesh with a slightly edited texture for the backside. It also needs to be placed on a wall like the original. Sims will sit down (or stand) to watch the TV and will look up correctly instead of looking straight ahead. All functions of the normal TVs are present in this one; moreover, all in-game broadcast videos will fill the screen and play normally.
This can be used for a non-rabbit hole movie theater, or even a sim's home. If you do make a theater using it, I would love to see it! But please ask permission before including these in any lots.

This TV is about 4 times the size of the original flat-screen (about 1 and a half stories tall). I also lowered it closer to the ground for those of you who want to make home theaters.

This TV is about twice the size of the original flat-screen. It fits perfectly on the wall and isn't any taller than it.


I kept my promise. ^Here are the new sizes^
4/14/13 - I didn't realize people were still using these TVs! At the request of Simulus I have updated every TV with updating rigging so they are now compatible with the PETS patch and onward. Enjoy!

Catalog Placement:
These items can be found in
Living Rooms>TVs

Huge: $25,000
Large: $20,000
Bigger: $12,000

Known Issues:
  • Apparently some users are having difficulty with these. Many have said that they don't appear in-game and I think one person said they had extraction issues. In response to extraction: I compressed the rar using 7zip with the highest compression setting. If you have problems, your extractor may not be able to handle such compression. I suggest installing 7zip, it is free and easy to use and definitely works with this file. I don't know how to fix the catalog issue. Do you have any other custom TVs? There could be a conflict, I'm not sure. I'm sorry to say that I cannot fix the issue of them not appearing in the catalog. My biggest apologies.
  • These TVs use the original 2x1 footprint. Because of this, sims will walk through the parts of the TV that aren't in the footprint of the TV and that aren't backed by wall or a fence. If the footprint were made larger, they wouldn't snap to the wall.
  • Floor can be placed through the TV on upper floors and sims can walk through it on that floor.
  • The picture is upscaled to fit the TV's screen and therefore is a little pixelated. It is for sure not as bad as TS2's TV pixelation.
  • The Huge TV's large nature makes it difficult to light. A large amount of lights are needed to light up this TV in a dark room and TS3 TVs don't generate ambient light, strangely enough.

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 434
Vertices: 613

Additional Credits:
Flabiliki for his meshing tutorial
Daluved for the texture editing part in her clothing tutorials