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Two retro-TV from Soviet Union

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Uploaded: 26th Dec 2013 at 10:30 AM
Updated: 4th Dec 2014 at 8:03 PM
Are you ready for a bit of nostalgia? Let's back in USSR.

Welcome two wonderful retro-TV which were the most popular in Soviet Union: "Gorizont" (Horizon) of 1978 and "Berezka" (Birch) of 1989.
TV "Berezka" was so sensitive that if you get close, you become its antenna. And if TV "Gorizont" did not show the image, you could knock it to make it work again.

- you can place the TV on the floor or on the surface and rotate in any direction available in TS3;
- you can choose the variants of TV with antenna and without in recolors;
- the first two variants of each TV are not available to recolor manually, just because they colored in factory colors;
- the last two variants of each TV recolored in fun style just to show you that it's available to recolor manually;

- you can place the small objects (small vases with flowers, alarm clock, candles) on the left top of each TV;

- all labels are on simlish;
- the TV names and descriptions translated on all languages available in game.


1. Name: TV "Horizon", price: 80 simoleons;
2. Name: TV "Berezka", price: 100 simoleons;

Catalog Location: Buy Mode, Electronics, TVs.

Polygon Counts:
TV "Gorizont": 2940 polygons, 3567 verticles;
TV "Berezka": 2240 polygons, 2743 verticles.

Additional Credits:
"Berezka" was my TV from 1989 till 1996.