Curiouser and Curiouser: Odd Socks for Odd Sims (Defaults) (Updated - Non-Default/No Random versions + Long socks for men)

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2010 at 3:39 AM
Updated: 11th Jun 2010 at 2:56 PM by whiterider
Are your sims feeling uninspired? Worryingly normal? Boring?
Are their wardrobes a little... passé?
Do they just keep losing socks in the wash?

You need an injection of variety, and what could be better for that than artistically arranged underwear? That's right – odd socks! Most of my friends and I are apparently incapable of finding two socks the same in the morning, and we wouldn't if we could, pfff. So why should our simmies be any different?

This is a simple mod, really – a default replacement of the RGB masks for all EA socks, to enable left and right socks as separate recolourable channels. Socks with cuffs, like the ladies' knee high socks, now have four channels (left sock, left cuff, right sock, right cuff), and normal socks have two. I've also done a replacement for those silly toddler shoes – EA may think they're shoes, but they're clearly socks, and are therefore included.

These are default replacements, so in the unlikely event that you have another default replacement sock file, there will be cake. I mean problems. Such problems should be fixed by deleting one of the conflicting replacements.

Replacements are included for the following items:
  • “Sleeper” pseudo-shoes for toddlers, boys and girls.
  • Ankle-length socks for children, boys and girls.
  • Knee-length socks for girls.
  • Ankle-length socks for teen to elder, ladies and gents.
  • Knee-length socks for teen to elder, ladies.
  • Thigh-length socks for teen to elder, ladies.

I haven't done replacements for the cutoff tights, or the full-length leggingy type things, because let's face it; if you've managed to put on tights with two different coloured legs in the morning, you shouldn't be spending your time downloading sim content.

As these are default replacements, I haven't deleted any of the default (matching) EA designs. I have added two mismatched designs for each sock – you'll have to scroll horizontally in CAS to see them – so that a small number of sims will be randomly assigned odd socks. You can see those extra designs in the attached pic.

It was my intention not to use custom thumbnails for these, since they're defaults. However, when I tried to let the game generate normal thumbnails, it was having none of it – it stuck the wrong thumbnails on the wrong designs, with no apparent reason nor rhyme. Thus, custom thumbnails are included! Mine are better than EA's anyway – you can actually see the whole thing, rather than just having to guess how long a pair of socks really is.
I was a little leery regarding whether or not my custom thumbnails would behave properly, given that these are defaults, but they do seem to. If you run into any trouble, just go to My Documents -> Electronic Arts -> The Sims 3 -> Thumbnails, and delete the file CASThumbnails.package.

Now go forth, ye washing machine gremlins, and multiply! Bwahahahahahaha!

11/06 - Added knee high and thigh high odd socks for men, by request. Knee highs use Aikea Guinea's textures, with just a mask edit by me - thankyou Aikea! The rar file contains both random-enabled and no random versions; there's also a new pic showing channels and default designs of both.

30/05 - Added non-default, non-random versions of all socks. These won't get randomly assigned to townies, and since they're non-default they can be included with sims. Male versions of the long socks are in the works, but will take a while, as they require texture work which I won 't be able to do this week.

Policy: Retexture, remesh, rehash, reconstitute, convert, include, whatever... just keep it on free sites, and give me credit, with a link to this page or to my profile. It's only a bunch of RGB masks, anyway.

If you'd like to make default replacements of your own, I've written a mini-tutorial on the subject, which can be found here.

Additional Credits:
Thankyou to Delphy and jonha, for CTU; Inge and Peter Jones, for S3PE; daluved1, for giving me the idea; and Derren Brown, for being the sexiest thing in a beard to watch while collaging pics since someone gave Rasputin a perception filter.

My lady models are wearing LadyFrontbum's Busty St. Claire skin, all my other models are wearing HP's TS3 skin replacements. The girl's dress is by oepu, and the hairstyles in the design collage are both by XM Sims.