Anika Rose Manor

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2010 at 3:32 PM

Rows of houses along sandy streets, each decorated with intricate metal work and every one a different color that catches the eye and gleams brightly in the sun. Originally built in New Orleans in the New Orleans style of house, this house was destroyed and rebuilt as a convenience store 25 years back. It was rebuilt in Galveston 3 years ago with the latest technology and styles, which is now the house you see before you today. The owners still kept the signature style of the indoors, but mixed it with curios from their own love of travel. It has a crib, a single bed, and 3 double beds, enough for the whole family! Anika Rose Manor: Modern History worth investing in.

Required FREE sims3store content:

The Topper: Link

Included Free content:

Creeping Ivy by Lemon Candy

3 new meshes by me

New Mesh Information:

I have in this package 3 new meshes. A fence and two New Orleans styled fence tops: one two tile and one three tile. None of them are very complex, because, frankly, the only reason these objects exist is to work with this specific house. That's not to say they wouldn't blend well with another house. I just wasn't particularly interested in making these complicated objects. The fence has no channels.

Both of the fence tops have a poly count of 893. The fence has a poly count of 32. The picture of the channels for the fence tops can be found below.

The fence is named WhiteWaterWoodNewOrleansFence and the fence tops WhiteWaterWoodNewOrleans2tilefencetop and WhiteWaterWoodNewOrleansfencetop. The fence is found under fences and the fence tops are found in Outdoor-lawn decor. They both cost $365. The fence costs $55.

Furnished: $152,606
Unfurnished: $79,427

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 152,606

Custom Content by Me:
- WhiteWaterWood_NewOrleansFence
- WhiteWaterWood_NewOrleansFenceTop
- WhiteWaterWoodNewOrleansFenceTop2tile

Custom Content Included:
- lemonc_OutdoorPlants_CreepingIvy01 by LemonCandy at MTS
- lemonc_OutdoorPlants_CreepingIvy02 by LemonCandy at MTS
- lemonc_OutdoorPlants_CreepingIvy03 by LemonCandy at MTS
- lemonc_OutdoorPlants_CreepingIvy04 by LemonCandy at MTS

Additional Credits:
This was made for my friend Davey, who also made me two AMAZING grungy lots. I love ya darling!