Corset Underwear and Fashionable Gowns: Not Breathing is Sexy

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2010 at 5:15 AM
Updated: 21st Apr 2010 at 3:40 AM
Ah, the romantic ages. When women wore fancy dresses, men practiced chivalry, and everyone was dying of horrible diseases. Maybe you don't appreciate that last one, but maybe you can appreciate a little bit of medieval fashion! A fancy medieval dress for your ladies that comes in 4 flavors. Different colored sleeves, and a choice of with or without the necklace. For ages adult to child. Also, for your adult ladies only is a new mesh. A beautiful corset dress for sleeping or underwear. Because nothing is sexier than not being able to breathe!

The adult gown requires Nightlife.
The adult corset underwear is a new mesh (included) made by me and requires no EP.
The child gown is a new mesh (included) by Ghanima Atreides and requires no EP.
The teen gown is a new mesh (included) by Cocomama and requires no EP.

Polygon Counts:
AF Medieval Corset MESH: 2432 faces, 1993 vertex

Ghanima Atreides child gown conversion can be found here:

And Cocomama's teen conversion can be found here:

Additional Credits:
Ghanima Atreides and Cocomama for having such open policies that allow me to include their meshes. You are both amazing creators!
Everyone at #create for giving... help? Or 'support'. Yes, support.
Hair is free by Rosesims2, mio0331 at MTS, and a free Rosesims retexture by me. Accessories by MTCakestore.

PLEASE REDOWNLOAD THE ADULT FEMALE NL DRESS. It had been accidentally attached to a new mesh.