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Almost All One-Tile EA Windows Made Two-Tile

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2011 at 6:54 AM
Updated: 27th Jul 2011 at 10:15 AM - Flowerbox window cutout fixed
As some of you may know, I have been very sick these past few years and was even sicker this last year, which didn't leave much room for sims projects. Hence, this project (which has been near completion forever) wasn't finished and I haven't spent much time around the site. But not that I'm feeling a little better, more projects are on the way, starting with this one! At last! These include almost all the one-tile base game windows made into two-tile windows, which you will remember from Leefish's sims2 area. Now, if you want one window centered above your two-tile door, you can!

The pictures tell what each one's name is, and the final zip has all of them in it. The others are packaged individually for ease of download.
Sims3packs of these will be available on Lee's site soon.
These do not replace the originals.

Please be sure to thank the lovely fish if you download it. Or if you download these, because these windows would not exist without her help.

Polygon Counts:
Two Tile Window Shmindow 163
Two Tile The Perfect Window 444
Two Tile Superfluous Window 346
Two Tile Window of Opportunity 528
Two Tile Wishing Window 570
Two Tile Good Manners Flowerbox 378
Two Tile The Truth Divider 394

Number of Recolorable Channels
Two Tile Window Shmindow 2
Two Tile The Perfect Window 4
Two Tile Superfluous Window 2
Two Tile Window of Opportunity 4
Two Tile Wishing Window 4
Two Tile Good Manners Flowerbox 4
Two Tile The Truth Divider 4

Additional Credits:
Thank you very much to all who supported me and a special SPECIAL thanks to Leefish, who is wonderful and kind and taught me everything I needed to know about making windows. You are amazing! <3