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AL Multi-Mailbox for Non-Apartment Use, with Universal Buyable Mailbox

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2010 at 5:19 AM
Updated: 30th Jul 2010 at 5:26 PM - Updated with Windows 7 information
Title: AL Multi-Mailbox for Non-Apartment Use, with Universal Buyable Mailbox


1) To patch the Apartment Life mailbox so that the multiple-mailbox will be displayed on Community, University Dorms, Greek Houses and other non-single family lots. The patch has no effect if Apartment Life is unavailable, and it may be removed without adverse affects, provided the mailbox is not in use at the time.

2) To provide a small and efficient buyable mailbox patch which is compatible with all game configurations.



Note that non-residential lots do not typically have a mailbox at all, unless they have been converted from residential, or a buyable mailbox is used. Mailboxes on non-residential lots are not functional, only decorative.

Please install only one of the following seven multiple-mailbox patches in a Downloads folder:

1) sdMailboxALpatchComm.package - only Apartments and Community Lots will display the mulitiple-mailbox.

2) sdMailboxALpatchCommDorm.package - Apartments, Community Lots and University Dorms will display the mulitiple-mailbox.

3) sdMailboxALpatchCommDormGreek.package - Apartments, Community Lots, University Dorms and Greek Houses will all display the mulitiple-mailbox.

4) sdMailboxALpatchCommDormGreekHotel.package - Apartments, Community Lots, University Dorms, Greek Houses and Hotels will display the mulitiple-mailbox.

5) sdMailboxALpatchDorm.package - only Apartments and University Dorms will display the mulitiple-mailbox.

6) sdMailboxALpatchDormGreek.package - Apartments, University Dorms and Greek Houses will display the mulitiple-mailbox.

7) sdMailboxALpatchNonSingleRes.package - all lots that are not single family residential will display the multiple-mailbox. This means that Apartments, Community Lots, University Dorms, Greek Houses, Hotels, and Secret Lots will all have the multiple-mailbox, if a mailbox is present on the lot.
Buyable Mailbox

Please DO NOT install sdBuyableMailbox.package - the buyable mailbox - in a Downloads folder! Please refer to the Install Instructions tab for complete directions. Using the recommended Bins installation path will ensure that the mailbox is not marked with the custom content asterisk (*) and will eliminate the possibility of corrupting your neighbourhood if the mailbox is accidentally deleted from the catalogue.

The buyable mailbox is located in the Misc/Misc and Outdoor/Misc sections of the Community and Residential catalogues, and in the Street/Misc section of the Community catalogue. It costs zero Simoleans.

The mailbox may be placed on any lot - or moved about within the lot - without using moveobjects on. However, the patch was designed so that the mailbox may not be deleted without using moveobjects on, to reduce the chance of accidental deletion. A residential or apartment lot will not function properly without a mailbox!

The mailbox is best placed somewhere on the grass strip betwen the sidewalk and the road. It may be placed elsewhere, but animations such as the taxi dropoff when a Sim first moves into a lot will not work properly if the mailbox is not by the road.

The multiple-mailbox patches are compatible with my buyable mailbox, but these patches will also function properly without a buyable mailbox. Please note that object version of the The Sim a Little Dream a Lot buyable mailbox is not compatible with the multi-mailbox patches, unless you remove the Dream a Lot mailbox from your Downloads folder once you have placed the mailbox.
Terms of Use

You may include the multiple-mailbox patch in any uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. Please include a credit and link to this page. It would be nice if you sent me a PM with a link to your uploaded creation, but this is not required. It is advisable however to make it clear to the downloader that this patch may affect the appearance of other non-residential mailboxes within the game.

Because the buyable mailbox is best installed in the Bins folder, I do not recommend including it with uploaded lots. It would be better to simply use the buyable mailbox during the lot creation process, but package the lot without the patch file itself.


SimPE, and PJSE for patch creation
Microsoft Photo Editor and Microsoft Paint, for processing the screen shots
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, for development and testing. The community lot screenshots show a lot from Numenor's Mini-Game.
Pescado's Lot Debugger for an error free Apartment Life detection algorithm