Ultimate Gamer's Posters (Sim-realism) w/Bonus Console Posters

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Uploaded: 6th Aug 2010 at 6:06 PM
Good day, I came bearing new posters for your sim town. Ever wanted the greatest gaming and internet hub in the town? You'll probably need this. Nine ultimate posters that has anything to do with computer/ video games.

The games I used in the posters are all from Electronic Arts. Three of them actually appear in the TV when your sims plays video games (Sim Animals, Burnout paradise, NFL Madden 10) and two more extar favorites (Spore and Left 4 Dead).

I used real image from the game and not sims and edited the text to turn it to Simlish. The reason for using real image and not Sim is that you never saw any video games with real people on the cover most of the time it's the graphics of the game.

BONUSES: I made the initial move to provide unique logos for the four gaming console available in TS3's Buy catalog. They are inspired by different concept. The Maxoid Simulator is kind of inspired by Gamecube and Playstation. The Joytoy is inspired by Playstation 3, Sim Life Virtual Goggle is ripped from Nintendo DS (I used Virtual Goggle SL), and Console 7 is a combination of windows 7 and wii. I really enjoy creating this logos. Hope you like them all.

Additional Credits:
SiMale's Simmlish V3 Font
inkandchaos' Simmlish Font
Game images form EA