Demotivational Posters

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2012 at 3:42 PM
Updated: 10th Sep 2012 at 7:13 AM
I cannot stand motivational images, posters, or corporate brainwashing slogans. Neither can my Sims, hence, the creation of these demotivational posters. For those who find demotivational posters too, well, demotivating, I have included one not-too-barfy upbeat bit of wall philosophy.

Six posters are included all in one file.

Each poster has only one frame preset, but the frame is recolorable, so you can change it to what pleases you.

As animals do in life, so in Sims: My Sim's kitty wandered over to take a look at the new posters and inserted himself into my pictures. Just like a cat!

Compatibility: No expansion or stuff packs are needed. The mesh was play tested on a base game fully patched to 1.38, and on a game full of expansions and stuff packs using 1.36. It might work on other levels, but there are no guarantees.

I love thanks and welcome comments, and of course, please report any problems you have here in this thread.

Technical and Other Relevant Information

The posters cost 30 simoleans, provide an environment boost of +1, and can be found in the Function -> Decor -> Paintings/Wall Art section of the Buy Catalog.

Tools used: Milkshape, S3PE, TSRW, Sims3Pack Multi Installer, Photoshop CS6, and Oreo Cookies, lots of them.

CC Credits: Unreleased wallpaper by me.

Polygon Counts:
High Polys: 56
Low Polys: 32

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Delphy, Inge & Peter Jones, Wes Howe for MS plugins, SapphireSims for Medieval Simlish font, and forgive me, I am not sure who made the Roman Simlish font. Doh.