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David Tennant - The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2010 at 5:38 PM

Inspired by seeing AnneDeLune's fantabulous TS2 version of Ten, I decided to tackle a TS3 version.

Ten is my Doctor. I grew up loving Four, and then forgot all about the Doctor and his escapades for years - until the new series started up. Christopher Eccleston charmed me as Nine, but I didn't truly fall in love with the Doctor until Ten. David Tennant brought a particularly quirky, charming style to the character - with dazzling smiles and amusing habits making him at one moment strangely whimsical and child-like, and the next suddenly burning with righteous anger.

Oh, and sneakers.

Doctor Pudding:

The Doctor for Sims 3 is an adult sim - not a young adult! Make sure you look for him in the right place in the premade sims bin!

In some of the pictures attached, his nose may look strangely wide - this is because I have taken pictures of him animating (as I do with all my sims) and the game likes to pull sims' noses out of whack when animating. The more neutral pictures (6 through 9) show the actual nose width as sculpted.

  • Adventurous
  • Brave
  • Eccentric
  • Good
  • Good Sense of Humour

  • Spice Brown
  • Cookies
  • Electronic

Lifetime Wish:
  • Paranormal Profitteer

Custom Content:

The following custom content has been used to create Ten. You will need to download these items to have him in your game looking exactly as in my pictures.

He's not packaged with the glasses, but he does use the glasses slider to pre-adjust tamo's glasses, if ya put 'em on him.

Tardis pictured (not included, of course) is by Aikea Guinea.

Thanks to everyone whose custom content has been used to make him look like he should! Also a big thanks to everyone who helped me in Creator Feedback!