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Anto 86 Retexture + Age Conversion: FIXED! REDOWNLOAD!!

153,748 Downloads 2,871 Thanks  Thanks 615 Favourited 200,982 Views
Uploaded: 21st Sep 2010 at 1:49 AM
Updated: 4th Oct 2010 at 10:12 PM
UPDATE! IF YOU DOWNLOADED BEFORE 10/4/10 THEN REDOWNLOAD!!!!!!!! This will fix the issues people were having! Child Toddler versions also added!!!

This hair is really nice looking in my opinion, it's great for a lot of occasions, you could wear it casually but it would be great with a formal outfit also. Here's Tum's conversion, thanks Tum!!!

Toddler - Elder females

Additional Credits:
Delphy & HP
Shady, Lady Front Bum, Lemon Leaf, Anubis, Lili, and 321Jiao for model stuff