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Unisex Medieval Child's Tunic - Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding

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Uploaded: 7th Jul 2013 at 1:24 PM
Unisex Medieval Child's Tunic - Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding
Converted by Robodl95 and Modified by monca533
for The Merrye Makers

Greetings, good gentles/ladies. We are The Merrye Makers - a group of twelve creators spanning all disciplines (clothing, lots, objects, etc.) offering for thy downloading pleasure a collection of medieval things most beauteous from Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding -- otherwise known as "Simdom Pudding".

Children's Clothing

Initially, young boys in Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding wore tunics much like young girls. Once they were old enough, children adopted the mature clothing common among adults. Garments were simply cut, from rectangles and triangles of cloth, to conserve precious handspun and hand woven fabric. The most common fabric was worsted wool. The details of a Simdom Pudding child's clothing depended on where in Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding the child lived and the family's social status. Noble children wore elaborately patterned silk damasks, as their parents did. However, most people wore plain fabrics in drab colors or un-dyed.


Item nameCategoriesAgeGameChannelsPolycountThanks to:
ChildZoejtunicEveryday; Formal; AthleticChild - Boys & GirlsBG3 (Tunic; Tie & Belt; Embroidery)Lod1 - 3104; Lod2 - 1534; Lod3 - 744Zoej

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Lod1 - 3104
Lod2 - 1534
Lod3 - 744

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Forsooth, we thank MTS staff and Merrye Makers supporters most ardently for assistance and downloading our objects and vestments most fyne.