T-Apartments - 13br, 20ba

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2010 at 3:30 PM
Updated: 17th Oct 2010 at 1:37 PM - Important Information

With its contempo 'squiggly' shapes the T-Apartment complex will squirm its way into the architectural journals. 'Rental Ritzies' will feel both gleeful delight and relief that they can abide with their fellow poshies without it feeling like a barbaric, drum circle commune, as most of the units are built for one. Though space observes a conservation policy, each unit is replete with stylish decor and soothing comfort. Behind the complex is a scenic retreat of trails, tall woods, a hidden playground, and fire pit circle to please whatever force is behind the plumbobs.

It is strongly recommended to use Flyby's MultiOwnersDoors 2.0 ( http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=422169 ), specifically, door#4 the Sliding Glass Door (double door) for the front doors and door#1 the Luxury Door, aka "The Barricade" ( single door) for the back doors. It defeats the purpose to download and play the lot without downloading the MultiOwnersDoors, placing them, and using them to keep sims in their own apartment units. It was my intent for you to play the lot with 8-24 sims this way. However, out of curiousity I have tested the lot with 16 sims using only normal doors, and it played like a community center. To break the ice I offer the Rental Ritzies ( http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail...assetId=3244308 ), a household of eight with enough simoleans to start playing the lot.

You ask, "how do you have more than 8 sims?" You cheat to make other sims join the household. CTRL+ALT+C brings up the cheat console. Type: testingcheatsenabled true. Find anyone from the neighborhood that you like or hate and SHIFT+click on that sim and choose 'Add to Active Family.' When you're done open the console again and type: testingcheatsenabled false to turn off the testing cheats. When you have more than eight sims the interface will still show eight portraits. To select a sim that is not in the portraits section you can switch to them with the Space Bar, or you can right-click on the target sim.

Please Read

As of Patch 1.8.25 active families can no longer add sims to total more than eight sims in a household with the 'Add to Active Family' cheat. I'm sorry for the misinformation, as I hadn't patched the game yet. You will have to use AwesomeMod by Pescado and friends to have more than eight sims in a household.

Find AwesomeMod here:

Feel free to knock down walls to consolidate two adjacent units into one unit ( but be aware that you can't easily replace the short constrainfloorelevation walls ), or you might want to flatten the raised hill and erase the trail to make room for a nursery hall, meal hall, or whatever kind of accessory you feel is best for the situation. When Late Night comes out you can have a vampire den.

Please Read

I'd advise against using freerealestate to give this lot to your sims. I've read somewhere that Sims 3 can't handle that much debt when an underfunded household moves into such an expensive lot with the cheat. This may or may not have been fixed in a patch. Instead, move the household to any other lot and use motherlode 14 times ( up arrow in the console will retype your last command ), then have them T-Apartments.


Suggested to play with my Rental Ritzies ( http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail...assetId=3244308 )
Use Flyby's MultiOwnersDoors ( http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=422169 ) #4 to replace the front doors
Use Flyby's MultiOwnersDoors ( http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=422169 ) #1 to replace the back doors
2nd and 4rth floors are transitional floors ( I did it this way because half stairs would have been a problem )
All bookcases have had all stock books removed and new custom books added in their place
A wooded, 'hiking' trail where tall trees hide the playground and fire circle above

Theme: An apartment designed to play 8-24 snotty sims
Target Location: 15 Summer Hill Court, Sunset Valley
Lot Size: 60 x 60
Capacity: 8-24 snotty sims
Cheats Used: constrainFloorElevation, moveObjects
Weekly Bill: 4,800 snotty simoleons


Lot Price: 668,552
Lot Value Unfurnished: 442,859


This lot was made with unpatched version 1.0.631.00001 with no custom content.

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 668,552

Custom Content by Me:
- T-Apartment complex for 8-24 snotty sims